Standard Documentation

Guardian Leasing Corp makes every effort possible to MINIMIZE the amount of documentation required to complete your financing request. Outlined below are the basic documents. Personal identification may not be required if the credit application has been approved based solely on corporate credit history.

  1. Completed “Two Minute Credit Application” (available online)
  2. Copy Driver’s License, Passport or other Government Issued ID for Proprietorships/Partnerships/Personal Applicants
  3. Insurance confirmation from your broker
  4. Approved supplier invoice(s) or written estimates from your supplier(s)
  5. Business cheque marked “Void” for pre-authorized payment plan
  6. Initial Payment Cheque (or Deposit) made payable to Guardian Lending


  • Note: additional credit information may be required if the business has minimal or challenging credit or if the equipment request is considered to be larger in nature. Examples of additional credit information could be financial statements, bank statements, Personal Net Worth statement, Notice of Assessments, etc..