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Guardian Leasing Corporation since 1997 has provided more than $2 billion dollars in business financing, more specifically equipment financing and equipment leasing to its customers across North America. Our financing professionals strive to offer small and mid-sized businesses low financing rates and low equipment lease rates. Providing small businesses with low start-up financing rates is important to their success. Likewise we strive to provide cost-effective business capital to our established business clients and professionals so they can take advantage of unique opportunities or supplement their cash-flow. We never lose sight of the fact that we must continue offering service that is second to none. Our service commitments are based on fast credit approvals, minimal paperwork, minimal tangible security and paying the respective dealer or manufacturer in a timely manner. Furthermore, our small business financing and mid-sized business financing solutions provide clients with an important alternative to what is offered by more traditional lenders.

As a member of the Canadian equipment finance industry we form an integral part of the more than $48 billion of the estimated $103 billion of leased assets under management by Canadian Leasing entities. The majority of customers (lessees) are small and mid-sized businesses. Leasing plays an important role in companies wanting to improve their cash-flow and not invest their capital in depreciating assets. Guardian Leasing provides lease financing solutions as a strategic alternative to traditional bank (loan) financing.

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