Dealer Finance Programs

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Guardian Leasing is an industry leader in dealer finance and vendor leasing programs. We’ve secured over one thousand in-house financing programs across Canada over the past five years. In case you’re not familiar with what vendor leasing is, the simple definition is any equipment seller or vehicle seller requiring the ability to offer leasing (or in-house financing) to its customers to improve its sales

Guaranteed Lowest Rate

Guardian Leasing analyzes each vendors unique needs and customizes its pricing to ensure its dealers get results. Guardian Leasing vendor programs come with our written rate guarantee to ensure that your customers obtain the very best leasing value. With low monthly payments that fit your customer’s cash-flow there’s no reason for your customer to shop anywhere else.

Increased Dealer Sales

Following the implementation of a vendor leasing (dealer) program, Guardian Leasing vendors can expect an increase in sales of between ten percent (10%) and fifty percent (50%) during the first two years. Guardian Leasing provides vendors with the right financing tools to close the sale faster. Defeating your competition and helping you close the sale is what we do.

Different Than the Average Leasing Company

Traditional leasing and finance companies believe they offer “great service” by simply offering an (approximate) lease rate chart and approving just sixty percent (60%) to seventy percent (70%) of a dealer’s customers. We beg to differ. What about the other customers? Isn’t that lost revenue important? To Guardian Leasing, every dealer sale is important. We work hard to approve every business applicant regardless of how challenging the client’s situation might be.

Important Added Benefits

  • Lower receivables with full payment of invoices within 24 hours (courier or direct deposit)
  • Eliminate the risk of non-payment by your customer
  • Higher profits not having to pay bank credit card fees
  • Higher profits through our Pay for Performance Plan (PPP)
  • Higher profits through innovative marketing

Guardian Leasing guarantees results. Call us at 1-866-LEASE-58 or email us at [email protected] to learn more about Guardian Leasing’s dealer finance programs and financing solutions for your clients.