Being an equipment dealer in Ontario for more than 20 years and having an extensive customer base throughout Canada we needed to rely on a leasing company with similar attributes. Over the past twenty or so years, Guardian Leasing filled the bill and we’ve never looked back. They have taken very good care of our customers providing terrific rates and exceptional customer service.

Cam S.,

As a leading Canadian manufacturer we needed to partner with a leasing company that could service our customers and sales representatives nationally. Guardian Leasing works tirelessly to help us close the maximum number of orders. What’s better is they don’t have the same challenges other leasing companies seem to have when it comes to approving newer businesses. Great value. Great service. Five stars.

Amanda D.,

We financed part of a very large equipment order with Guardian Leasing. I wish that we would have discovered them sooner.  They provided a much lower rate than the other leasing company and even approved us for an additional $50,000.00 for any equipment or vehicles we wish to purchase in the future.

Caroline B.,

Without Guardian Leasing we would not have been able to purchase the equipment for our business. The bank was no help. I was able to get the equipment I needed, when I needed it and we’re more profitable as a result. I will happily use them again.

David M.,