Maximize Your Cash Flow

Are You In An Industry With Slow Paying Customers
or a Start-Up Operation?

  • Are you a service based company that waits 30 – 90 days to get paid? Transportation services, Janitorial services, Security Guard Services, Staffing Companies, Garment Companies, Lawn or Landscaping Services are just a few of the industries that benefit from factoring.

  • Start-up business or companies experiencing very fast growth. Factoring invoices can help provide the cash flow you need.

    Getting started is easy!
  • Complete our Application with supporting documentation.
  • Once approved, our underwriting factor will process your accounts for funding typically within 3-6 days of receiving your first batch of invoices.
  • Future batch fundings are typically processed on a “next business day” basis with proof of delivery.

Outstanding Benefits For Your Business:

  • Provides you with instant cash-flow to grow your business
  • Depending on industry and credit, between 70% to 95% of the invoice
    will be funded to you
  • The collection hassles, delays and costs are transferred to our underwriter
  • When your customer eventually pays, you receive the balance
    of the invoice less a nominal fee
  • With the enhanced cash flow – you can take advantage of discounts from suppliers, expand, remit back taxes, pay down a mortgage sooner, just about anything!

Contact your Guardian Lending representative for further details.